Welcome to English Literature Component for SPM!

This blog is one of the sites that provide you with notes, activities and exercises  for the Form 5 Literature latest syllabus..

Basically, this site offers the lesson and interactive activity for the poem, novel and short stories.Both literary text are included in the new syllabus for Form 5 literature components. Therefore, this site is suitable for the secondary school teachers and students, who are still looking for the right website to get information about the latest literature syllabus.

The readers and visitors of this blog can click any categories and posts stated in the left sides of this blog, to browse any information they needed about the poem and short story. The guidelines and instructions for every posts are also provided in order to avoid any confusion or difficulties.


[This site is produced as a partial requirement of course assignments for EDT 2604 Internet Application in Education course offered at IIUM for Semester I 2012/2013] 


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