FRAMEWORK for answering literature component/
Outline/personal response (for Question 33 of Paper 2, SPM English 1119)

1)      Introductory paragraph (paragraph 1)
-  State your novel (plus a very brief synopsis of the novel)
- State your chosen element( plot/characteristics/ setting/themes/moral values)
-  State in brief the reasons of your choice.

2)      Content paragraphs
-  Reason 1 + elaborations (paragraph 2)
R1 + E1+E1+E1

-  Reason 2 + elaborations (paragraph 3)
R2 + E2+E2+E2

-  Reason 3 + elaborations (paragraph 4)
R3 + E3+E3+E3

3)      Concluding paragraph (paragraph 5)
- Summarize/ restate the reasons on why you have chosen the part/ character/ place/etc
-  State a lesson you have learnt from the element
 Provide any personel experiences (if any) which is closely related to the chosen element.


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